The Peacock that escaped from New York's Central Park Zoo sits on a window sill Tuesday on Fifth Avenue in New York. Reuters

Waywird Bird returns to New York roost on its own


A peacock that had escaped from the Central Park Zoo returned home on its own Wednesday morning, the Wildlife Conservation Society said.

The Central Park escapee comes after a peahen—the female counterpart to a peacock—fled the Bronx Zoo in May. In March, a cobra disappeared from its Bronx Zoo pen for five days.

Amid the uproar over the bird's escape, two twitter handles— @CentralPeacock and @BirdOnTheTown—managed to amass at least 2,300 and 950 followers, respectively.

The peacock flew home at 6:45 a.m. and was safe, the society said.

“We have recovered the peacock as anticipated this morning when it flew home at sunrise back into the Central Park Zoo,” zoo director Jeff Sailer said. “A thorough understanding of the peacock's natural behavior allowed for the successful planning of its recovery.”

The peacock wandered from the zoo in Manhattan on Tuesday, said Mary Dixon, society spokeswoman.

The bird made it's way to a Fifth Avenue apartment building near the park and perched on a third-floor window sill, but it wasn't there on Wednesday morning.

Zoo officials had encouraged onlookers to avoid following or harassing the peacock. They say the run-away posed no danger to the public.

Zoo officials did not say how the bird escaped or what type of enclosure he was in. According to the zoo’s website, peafowl are kept in the Tisch Children's zoo, which is described as a “walk-through wildlife adventure.”

Screenshot of Bronx Zoo Cobra's latest twitter feed.


Redeye | Thursday, August 4, 2011