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Time to raise my APM

Before August of this year, my favorite kind of gaming was on the Super Nintendo that I received from my parents on my 11th birthday. My best summer days were spent trying to save Princess Toadstool from the dreadful Bowser. I still turn it on every now and then, and it'll always be my favorite. 💖

But let's talk about Overwatch.

My partner started playing Overwatch when it first came out. He'd watch the pros play on Twitch. He enjoyed it so much that he got serious about it and built a gaming PC. I thought, “I don't want to build a computer for one game.” But it looked really fun, so I decided to play on our PS4. It was fun.

Then I played on Rick's PC. The graphics, the speed—it was all so good. I fell in love. Four weeks of PC part shopping later I had built my own gaming PC and starting playing with Rick and friends.

@smbriones assembling her PC 😍

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So what has this console fan learned about PC gaming? I can't say I have a lot of tips to offer, or even much to say about strategy. My aim is still pretty bad, and I'm not sure what I'm doing much of the time, but I play because it's fun. Because Overwatch is a super fun game.

Why is it so fun?

What is it about Overwatch that makes it so fun? I haven't played many other PC games, so this might not be new to other folks, but here is what is fun about it to me:

1. Teamwork

You can't win in Overwatch if you don't play as a team, (well you might be able to, but it's pretty tough). You have to work together because more than likely the opposing team will be working together. If you try to go off on your own, that other team will take you out, and you'll spend the whole match respawning and trying to get back to the fight rather than helping your team move the payload or defend the point.

2. Characters

The heroes in Overwatch are so well designed and there is a hero for everyone, whatever your preferred playing style.

Currently there are 22 heroes to choose from, all with different abilities to master, so it would be pretty tough to get bored.

3. Maps

Just like the design of everything else in Overwatch, the maps are amazing. There are so many places to hide, explore, and set up your defenses. They're also huge so it takes quite a bit of time to really know your way around them. Kudos to the designers and developers for making these so detailed and beautiful.


4. Microinteractions

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Now that I'm getting better at the mechanics of gaming with a mouse and keyboard, I feel like I can start improving my aim and maybe even be a little more strategic. Anyway, I'm really having fun, and I'd recommend giving Overwatch a try if you haven't already. :)