Stephanie Briones

Thank You, 2015

The past year was interesting for me for many reasons. I’ll share some of those shortly. First, I wanted to reflect on my post from this time last lear; New Year, New Habits.

In January of last year, there were some simple life improvements that I wanted to make. Instead of being intimidated by goals, I wanted to embrace the power of forming good habits. I started with making the bed before leaving the bedroom every day, and drinking a lot more water.

I’m happy to report that I did make a habit of making the bed every day. I can’t count more than a couple of times that it was left unmade throughout the entire year. I can’t say the same for the drinking water habit, but the amount of water I drank this year did improve a lot thanks to LaCroix.

What I accomplished in 2015

What I’ll work on this year

Last year came with a lot of change for me. At least a lot more than I’m used to. I’m really excited to see what happens next. So, Happy 2016! I hope it treats you well.