Stephanie Briones

Learning to use VIM

At 8th Light almost everyone uses VIM, and with good reason, it seems. I can tell it's powerful, but it's also pretty intimidating.

So, I don't know how anyone could go from TextMate to VIM and not be overwhelmed, but MacVim is installed and I no longer have a caps lock key. I can deal with it, (thanks Skim!) Now I just have to start using it.

It's complicated

I'm not used to using a lot of commands to get around, so this is already a big change for me, not to mention the whole new crazy editor thing. I can probably get past the commands, but if I have to figure out how to navigate and go about my normal routine on top of that, it's just too much at one time.

Keep Calm and Use Plugins

Thankfully I'm not the only one in this boat. I've come across several articles written by people that recently made the switch from TextMate to VIM, but the ones that actually stuck with it made modifications to make it easier. So that's what I'm doing.

I have had multiple recommendations to use Janus to help with the transition. So now Janus is installed, (thanks Ryan!) and I got to play with color schemes, which was fun. It's looking and feeling less and less intimidating each time I open it and start editing.

fnaqevan: The color scheme I'm starting out with, because I'm obsessed with turquoise, of course.

With the combination of Janus, (and NERDTree, of course) tolerable colors, and some simple commands, I may actually get somewhere. I can learn a really useful command here and there and ease my way into it.

Some great articles and a fun color scheme guide