Stephanie Briones

An assignment in Absolute and Fixed Positioning

This past Monday I was given the assignment of reading an article and creating a one-page website using the things I learned.

The article was “CSS absolute and fixed positioning” on Dev.Opera by Tommy Olsson. I carefully read t he article, did the exercises and some sketchnoting.

Article titled: “CSS absolute and fixed positioning” by Tommy Olsson.

While reading and taking notes, I thought that maybe the best way to remember everything I had read and practice the things I had learned, was to create something that could be used as a reference.

So here's what I came up with:

My project on CSS Absolute and Fixed Positioning.

This was a really fun assignment, (Thanks, Billy!) and I hope that the article will be as informative to you as it was to me, and that you may be able to learn a little something from my project or just use it as a reference.

Also, shout-out to @ryanbriones for writing some jQuery for me so that the horizontal scrolling would be pretty. It added so much. Thank you.