Stephanie Briones

Overnight Website Challenge

Last Saturday I was on a team of 10 designers and developers from 8th Light, Hashrocket and Obtiva for the Overnight Web Challenge.

Picture of our teams' signs. We decorated them a bit.

It was such a great time. We worked with the non-profit organization, Kids Have Hope and redesigned their entire website from scratch within 24 hours.

They can now update both their twitter and facebook accounts at one time from their app making it easy to publicize thier donation campaigns. They also have a mailing list now, an events calendar, paypal integration for event tickets, and dynamic quizes for kids to take.

I was super lucky to be on a team that did stand-up every few hours and kept on track with estimations. Reminded me, as if I needed reminding, of how great it is to be able to be apprenticing at 8th Light.

It was a very long 24 hours, we didn't sleep, and it was completely worth it.

Sunrise on the roof of the building where OWC was held at 6:00am, (when we did our final stand-up).