Stephanie Briones

Week four & five: Semantic HTML

An Assignment in Semantics

Billy gave me a really awesome assignment last week, (week five) that I'm still working on in between things.

He had me find 3 things; a menu, a news article, and a schedule, (or something tabular). I am to take those three things and mark them up using semantic HTML.

After going over the HTML, getting advice, and making some changes, I added CSS to replicate the layout of the document in question. This taught me a lot. I still have some work to do, but I can show you what I have so far.

The Menu

Since we already had a menu for the awesome Haute Sausage, (one of the food trucks that we frequent) in the office, I decided to use it.

Photo of the Haute Sausage menu.

I marked up the Haute Sausage menu in HTML added some CSS to style it a bit. It took a while to figure out the three column section below the title, but Billy helped me figure it out.

Screenshot of the Haute Sausage menu that I wrote in HTML and CSS.

The Newspaper Article

The article I found is “Peacock Surprise”—an article from the Redeye about the peacock that escaped from the Central Park Zoo in New York and became almost as popular as the Bronx Zoo Cobra.

Photo of the Peacock news article from the Redeye.

I've only done most of the HTML so far, and a touch of CSS for the 2 column layout. One of the most exciting parts of the CSS on this article was using the CSS3 properties column-count, column-width, and the slightly more complex column-break-before.

Screenshot of the Peacock Surprise article that I wrote in HTML and CSS.

Below is what was used to structure the columns the way they appear in the actual article, just in case you're interested.

As I said, there is some more work to do, but that's what I've got so far. As for the third item, the schedule or table, I haven't located anything adequate yet, but I'm on the lookout. I'll post the finished products up on the blog soon.

So far, what I have learned from this exercise, other than the cool new CSS properties, is that there is almost always a better way to structure my HTML and improvements that I can make to my CSS. And in my opinion, that probably shouldn't ever change.