Stephanie Briones

Week Two: Typography, Grids, and Modular Scales: A Rundown

I'm learning first hand that utilizing the combination of these three things when developing your layout can make all the difference.


This past week, as I've been working on a new blog layout, I have had the chance to learn a lot about different typefaces. I didn't realize there were so many things to consider when selecting a typeface and how important it is to also understand when you should use different sizes, weights and styles.

For my new blog layout, I'm using Ronnia for everything, except for my name. It may not always work out to choose one typeface for everything, a lot of times it doesn't, but in Ronnia's case it actually works pretty nicely for both display and body text.

sample of the Ronnia typeface
A sample of the Ronnia typeface in a couple different weights.


I'm learning to use grids and this past week I began using one for my blog layout. It was quite the challenge. I'm pretty sure I have quite a bit more practicing to do before I know how to set one up on my own.

screenshot of my blog's grid
Screenshot of my blog's grid using Hashgrid.

Luckily Billy and Colin are working on creating a new, simple grid generator. I personally cannot wait. Anything to make using a grid easier has my vote.

Notes while working out a grid.
Notes while working out a grid.

Modular Scale

Using a Modular Scale makes choosing sizes for your text much easier. You start with your body type size. Once you have that you can easily select the larger sizes and smaller sizes for everything else. I think this is one of the coolest things I've learned. It's so useful.

my notes from working on my modular scale
Notes from working out my modular scale.

Other fun things

I finished the first step in the blog post migration process, so this coming week I will most likely get to see the next step. We're using Jekyll and github pages for our blog posts now, so that will be exciting to see.

On Friday I had a lot of fun working with Eric on an iPhone app for the first time ever. I do need to learn more about designing mobile apps, but it was a blast and I can't wait to work on it again, see it finished, and post more about it here.